Yellow Branch Cheese
Contact: Karen Mickler
Address: 1073 Old Yellow Branch Road Robbinsville, NC, 28771
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Phone: 828-479-6710
About Us
Yellow Branch Farm is located in western North Carolina, near Fontana Lake in Graham County. Yellow Branch is the name of the small creek that flows down the valley and empties into Fontana Lake. We moved to the farm with the intention of producing food for our table and acquired a jersey milk cow named Rosebud. Learning to make cheese soon followed.

Now, there is a small herd of jersey cows that provide the milk to produce Yellow Branch Cheese. Licensed in 1986, we are part of a growing number of artisan and farmstead cheese makers in the U.S.

The cheese is part of American Raw Milk Farmstead Cheese Consortium, established in 2003 by Slow Food USA.
Farmstead cheeses are traditionally made from the milk of the farm's own herd. The dairy is pasture-based, and the pastures are managed using sustainable, organic practices. No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. Growth hormones are not used and antibiotics are used therapeutically and only as a last option. We strive to provide the cows with a stress free, healthy environment.

Yellow Branch Cheeses are made in small batches following an original recipe that we developed.

The distinctive flavor of the handcrafted cheese results from the high quality of the milk and the variety of grasses and herbs growing in the pastures.

The ingredients in the cheese are whole unpasteurized milk, lactic culture, Celtic Sea Salt ®, microbial rennet and flavorings that we grow on the farm. Similar to keeping a sour dough starter, we carry over the lactic culture from batch to batch.